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So you want to know a little bit more about us?   Well then, that’s great!  We’re a small team of bloggers that try to answer some of the world’s most burning questions, like “When’s the best time to quit my job”, “When’s the world coming to an end?”, “When’s Black Friday”, “When’s my mother-in-law going to move out?”, and so much more. We answer hundreds of questions per week, and of course encourage you to send us your questions (you can reach us through our contact page).

Why did we come up with website?

Good question. Being semi-professional internet users, we noticed that there’s no good single source for some of the worlds most important questions. Yes, you’re probably saying to yourself that you can just Google your questions or do a search on Wikipedia to find answers to your questions… but in all reality, most of the stuff out there is junk. So we’re attempting to cut through that crap, strip away the fluff, and bring you what you really want.

Where will we go next?

Ah, you’ll have to just wait and see.  We have some big plans that we’re working on and will soon be able to share something terribly unique and unlike you’ve ever seen before. Stay tuned!

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